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Saturday, 04 July 2009 02:30

Twitter-Train Scam The Herpes of Twitter

Written by  The Super Geek
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If you want more Followers, More Email and More Spam Apparently Twitter-Train is the Answer. claims it will get you more followers, more traffic and more popularity.

However reviewers are claiming something completely different, basically The Twitter Train Scam:

Twitter + Twitter-Train + Your Login Info = E-Herpes

 Twitter Scam

{mosgoogle center}Twitter-Train's Website Says:


Twitter-Train Scam


  • "The ONLY way to Grow your Followers"

  • Twitter Train is the only place to expand your Twitter followers. Its FREE to join so you have nothing to loose by giving it a go.

  • When you login you will be taken to a screen with other Twitter users, on here you follow the members and then get added to the front of the train for the next 40 visitors to follow.

  • Remember VIP members get tons more followers because they stay on the train all day, so make sure you become a VIP member.

However this is what reviewers are saying the following about Twitter-Train.

Rainmaker Online


Just a quick post and a warning to anyone thinking of joining the TwitterTrain. Is is a SCAM and you should avoid it.

They will tweet that they have found you 400 followers a day, when patently they haven’t. They will take control of your account, your followers and what they plan to do I am not sure. But it isn’t good.

Somehow they got my details and when I complained they sent me an offensive and obscene email which basically said “we can do what we want”.

So stay clear.


If someone promised they could get you hundreds of new followers on Twitter every day would you believe them?

Would you be prepared to hand over your Twitter username and password to them?

Well, a website called Twittertrain is promising to do just that - inviting fans of the micro-blogging website to enter their credentials.

However, what's worst of all is that hundreds and hundreds of Twitter users are currently advertising the site, all with the same message:

OMG WOW Im getting 100s of followers a day. Check out this site

I don't think I'm stretching my neck out too far if I make the prediction that I doubt these users are choosing to advertise the Twittertrain site. My guess is that someone else is posting the messages promoting the Twittertrain site. Now, who on earth would be motivated to do that I wonder?

And what are they planning to do with all these usernames and passwords?

Of course, you're playing a very dangerous game if you hand over your username and passwords to a website like this. There's no promise that you will get the hundreds of new followers that you are dreaming of, and furthermore hackers might break into your account to send spam, spread malware or launch further phishing attacks.

Certainly the number of Twitter users promoting Twittertrain today suggests that something very fishy is going on.

If you did make the mistake of giving Twittertrain your username and password, change your passwords immediately. 


After Twittercut get off the Twittertrain!

In a rapid follow up attempt to capitalize on the seemingly endless supply of users willing to sacrifice their login details for micro-blogging service Twitter please meet Twittertrain.


Yet another third party site, offering the dubious reward of having hundreds more complete strangers following you every single day. Would you want that in real life? Do you really want that online?


Take the Twitter Train to Despair and Spamvertizing

It's a kind of hybrid pyramid scheme meets password stealer that'll spew out spamvertizing? Are they crazy? Perhaps not. Looking at a couple of different sites( and -- since has been shutdown) you'll see numbers like 3,373,486 and 2,966,814 respectively being depicted as "Total Follows" with close to a combined 1,700,000 VIP follows (i.e. paid-for accounts). There's no guarantee that these numbers are anything real (and I suspect that they aren't) but that's a huge number of potentially stolen/hijacked accounts.

For those suckers (and soon to be victims?) seeking to build up their social cred by dramatically adding followers, do you really know what you're getting in to? I hope you don't use the same password on sites beyond Twitter!

An old saying goes..."A fool and his money are easily parted." In this case a fool, his money, his password and his dignity are easily parted.

Don't say you weren't warned. And don't be surprised if you're un-followed as soon as your account starts spewing tweet-spam. Better change your Twitter password before twitter-train does it for you ;-? 


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 Twitter-Train Scam The Herpes of Twitter

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