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A Bit Geek

Tuesday, 07 July 2009 01:07

Facebook is Getting Older - So Are The Users

Written by  The Super Geek
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According to iStrategyLabs The Users of Facebook are Getting Older. Like Geriatric Older...

It Seems That as of July 2009 the 55+ Age Group has Grow by Over 500%.

Check out some of the other interesting trends & statistics.

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Accoring to iStrategyLabs, who reports on facebook Demographics there are some interesting trends & statistisc that are emerging from Facebook.


Facebook Uers Are Getting Older


  1. US Female Growth is larger than male growth -  67.5% vs 63.9%
  2. 5.2% of Facebook Users are from New York (2,179,400 Users)
  3. As of July 2009 28.2% of Facebook users are 35-54 compared to 16.6% in Jan 2009
  4. 54.6% of Facebook Users are female (For Gossip & Gab, Perhaps)
  5. Atlanta Users Almost Tripled in the last 6 Months
  6. Age 55+ Users are up over 5x in the last 6 months to almost 6,000,000 (Is this like all of the 99 year Old MySpace Users)
  7. LA Users have doubled since Jan 2009 to over 1.25 Mil.
  8. ODDITY: High School & College Users have dropped. Have they gone elsewhere. 


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